Image Discover Sicily on boat

Discover Sicily on boat

Going on a cruise, enjoying the sea-wind brushing your face gently, what a wonderful plan! It is possible to reach Sicily in many ways. Yet, it is more charming and more enjoyable to go there by boat. You know why? Because by boat, everything seems at rest and the time to appreciate the scenery seems extended.

What to visit in Sicily?

Located on the South of the Italian Peninsula, it's full of interesting and monumental history, especially if the choice is for a marine discovery. Here are some pieces of advice for a nice trip on vacation. ­

  • On the East Coast is located Syracuse, where the Ortygia island forms the major town. It's reachable by boat and you can also enjoy a trip to Galina beach suitable for parents and kids because the sea there is shallow so, it's more secure for children. ­
  • The South Coast: sprinkled with broken line of beaches, we can find Triscina, Sélinonte, Porto Palo di Menti, Sciacca or Eracelea Minoa. There are pleasant cliffs we can see like Scala dei Turchi ­
  • Along the North coast are located the rockiest beaches in Sicily, on the Gulf of Catania, including Giardini Naxos, Isola Bella, Mazzaro and Letojann where their beauties can take your breath away. There is also Cefalù, the best place ever in this coast sheltered between a natural bay and La Rocca, a 244.56-meter-high rock. ­
  • To the West Coast where you can find Palermo are also spectacular rocky outcrops of Cape Zafferano et Cape Mongerbino

How can we reach these wonderful places?

Have you ever tried to go somewhere by boat? It's time now to go on a cruise, or just by boat to discover this splendid island. On the boat, travelers are invited to just appreciate that special moment and see the seagulls flying over the head.

However, looking for a great plan for a boat trip is mind-boggling for travelers, especially those who have a really busy schedule at work. Anyway, it's possible to organize your journey without organizing. What? Yes, it is possible. That is the job of travel agencies; that is the job of, eDreams, a professional online travel agency, which has all solutions and suggestions for you to make the best of your trip.

No matter where you would like to go, you can have the best options to reach your destination. As we have seen, Sicily can be visited by boat, and that for sure is the best way to really its beauty.

Based in Barcelona and present in more than thirty countries around the world, eDreams is among the major online travel agencies able to help you organize all your vacation in Sicily: booking your boat tickets and organizing the cruise of your dreams, as a couple or in family.

It can also set the question of hotels and cars if you decide to make a road tour after the boat trip. More than just a journey, going to Sicily by boat is an experience all travelers have to try. It could be long but it is real fun. Maybe you'll meet new friends, exchange with others and all that will bring you a lot of exciting experiences.

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